Why am I reading this?

Or rather, why am I writing it? Well, the purpose of this site is simply to provide a platform for writing about music. How many times have you heard piece of music — a song, an album, a track that blew your mind at the club — and then read something about it that illuminated why it appealed to you, or even sparked a deeper appreciation. That’s the aim.

The consensus among writers, producers, DJs, label-owners, and most everyone on the underside of the industry is that the state of music journalism isn’t great. Some outlets are folding or abandoning their editorial sections, while others are eroding their own credibility by crossing the line into PR. As a writer, it felt increasingly pointless to play the game of fruitlessly pitching to outlets when so much music was begging to be written about. So here we are.

Oh yeah, there’s also a radio component to this. I’ve been hosting a show called Audio Days on dublab.com for the past three years. There will surely be some crossover content between here and there.

Get in contact at AudioDaysLA@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting, and welcome to Audio Days.

-Joe Rihn