Coco Bryce – Valentines Selection

Across the wide world of electronic music, ’90s revival is in full swing. In so many subgenres going retro can be a dead end. Yet somehow the current crop of producers recycling styles of the ’90s keep on creating contemporary gems. One theory: genres like techno, IDM and drum ‘n’ bass were always meant to sound futuristic, like they were anticipating where technology would lead. Now that we’ve been brought by the internet into a distinctly different reality, that music still reflects our current situation. Or maybe, the focus of so much older electronic music on creating something forward thinking saves it from the trap of stale tradition. We’ve heard the sounds before, but there is an aesthetic embedded in them that faces perpetually forward.

Coco Bryce – Come 2 U – Beats Like This – Western Lore (2019)

That’s a roundabout way of pointing out that the modern jungle scene in particular is on fire, with labels like Western Lore, Green Bay Wax and Meditator Music regularly dropping new heat. Near the center of the scene is Coco Bryce, from Breda, Netherlands. Bryce’s best work pairs rough and rugged bass and breaks with syrupy female vocals that show off a perfect pop sensibility. As a Valentines Day treat, Bryce has packaged some of these lovey-dovey cuts in a pay-what-you-want Bandcamp playlist. In addition to the 160-bpm ballads, there are slo-mo beats and MPC-style hip hop workouts, but the highlights are the high-speed pop tunes like “Trust Issues,” “Wish We Didn’t,” and “Come 2 U.” All three songs have appeared on Bryce releases over the past year or so, but this is your chance to cop them on the cheap (or free) alongside a host of other delights.

So go ahead and swipe right. Here’s to love in a digital world.

-Joe Rihn

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